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Our dead animal services are not for public removals or domestic animals. We do not come out to remove your dead pet, a dead animal in the road or any dead animals on public property. You need to call your local animal control or your city department of sanitation.

Abolish Pest Control: Dead Animal Removal

If it is dead we will find it. Our experienced technicians are trained to identify and isolate the location of a dead animal. If it is inside your wall, attic, or even under your house we will remove it. As trained professional pest control technicians we know the proper and safest way to remove dead animals from inside your home or business.

What makes us different than other companies

Our company has 30 years of dead animal removal experience. We use only the best product and equipment to ensure that any dead animal contaminates are eliminated when other companies only come and remove the animal. When an animal dies it leaves behind parasites, bacteria and diseases that can be a health hazard to you. We are committed in giving excellent customer service. We do not only look for one dead animal, we check all areas to ensure there are no other dead animals to be found. We also offer services to prevent animals from ever being able to enter your home again eliminating the chance of them dying, contaminating or invading your home.

Obvious signs that you have a dead animal somewhere in your home that needs removal are:

dead rat removal trevor     -Unbearable foul odor
    -Stains/discoloration in walls and ceilings
     (Applies to larger animals usually)

Dead Animal Removal Steps

dead animal removal inspection
Step 1 Inspection
Locate the dead animal

dead animal removal
Step 2 Removal
Remove any dead animals found

dead animal removal decontamination
Step 3 Decontamination Decontaminate & deodorize the location of the dead animal